Grounds Maintenance and Garden Services

Garden Maintenance

Now is the time to cut out any dead and winter damage from your evergreens.

All you shrubs will benefit from a good feed.

It takes 1,000 years for nature to make 2 inches of soil so look after yours.

Lawn treatments

As droughts are imminent, it is prudent to carry out any lawn treatments early, before hose pipe bans.

Where possible use organic products. There are some very good products with natural occurring bacteria that give very good greening and root stimulus.

A healthy root will have better drought resistance.

Spring gardening

Warmer days are finally here, but there’s still a chance of inclement weather so make the most of good days.

Water could be an issue so mulch where possible. If you have a local tree firm, phone them and ask if they have any wood shreddings. It’s not the best mulch but it’s free.

Feed your flowerbeds with appropriate fertiliser. Protect herbaceous perennials from slugs and divide any established ones that are too large.

Top dress permanently planted pots

Start mowing but keep the blades higher for the first few cuts

If you have not pruned your fruit trees, do so before they flower (Not the peach family though)

Prune summer flowering shrubs

Leave frost damage on evergreens for a little longer