Grounds Maintenance and Garden Services

Winter jobs

Now the snow has gone it is time to make a start on those gardening jobs.

If it’s too big for the place move it.

Prune any apple or pear trees.

Repair lawn edges if not waterlogged.

Remove any old leaves that have collected around spring bulbs and herbaceous. This is easier before new growth becomes established and will also help with slug problems.


If you have not yet pruned your Apple and Pear trees. Now is the time!


When allocating your grounds maintenance spare a thought for topping up plant stocks.

Over time wear and tear will take its toll on any site. If you can allow 10% of you budget to this right from the start you can make a massive effect on the appearance over time.

Spring bulbs come up year after year needing little maintenance after your initial out lay.  


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Winter is the perfect time to do all those jobs that you were just too busy for.

While the ground is wet move those shrubs that have outgrown their space.

Plan for next summer and the drought to come with rain water harvesting tanks.