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Security Posts

That’s another delivery of our anti fly tipping security posts to the energy networks.


Winter jobs

Now the snow has gone it is time to make a start on those gardening jobs.

If it’s too big for the place move it.

Prune any apple or pear trees.

Repair lawn edges if not waterlogged.

Remove any old leaves that have collected around spring bulbs and herbaceous. This is easier before new growth becomes established and will also help with slug problems.


If you have not yet pruned your Apple and Pear trees. Now is the time!


When allocating your grounds maintenance spare a thought for topping up plant stocks.

Over time wear and tear will take its toll on any site. If you can allow 10% of you budget to this right from the start you can make a massive effect on the appearance over time.

Spring bulbs come up year after year needing little maintenance after your initial out lay.  


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More pests for the UK

The Food & Environment Research Agency (FERA) has urged growers to help formulate a policy to combat the anticipated arrival in the UK of Drosophila suzukii, the spotted-wing drosophila or cherry vinegar fly.

The pest reached mainland Europe two years ago, though has yet to be detected in the UK. But FERA warned that it could colonise areas as far north as central Scotland.

“Growers cannot rely completely on insecticides to control this pest and an integrated pest management approach will be needed,” according to FERA.

Landscaping in London

21st December

Perfect Gardens offers a complete Landscaping Service.

Whether it’s some small changes or a complete re-lanscaping of a site, we can help you.

Contact us to discuss your Landscaping requirements.


London & Essex Garden Services

13th December

Perfect Gardens offer a wide range of Garden Services, from traditional lawn and planting activities, to full-blown landscaping and grounds clearance.

Be sure to contact us should you have any questions – we are here to help and have more than 100 years of experience in Garden Services!

London Grass Cutting

28th November

Perfect Gardens services a range of corporate and industrial grass cutting contracts.

We have a range of grass cutting vehicles and machinery, and work on all scenarios, from small gardens to large woodland areas.

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