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Lawn treatments

Now  is the ideal time for tidying up lawns by weeding, feeding and moss treating. If you are trying to help out the bees remember that wild meadows will only need aerating as wild flowers do better in areas with low nutrients.




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The 1st of November is the start of Movember and the freshly shaved men of Perfect Gardens will be growing a moustache to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK.

Photos of their progress will be posted weekly on our Movember page

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Bad News for Bees

Please read below article written by Carol Hughes, MP

A few years back I wrote about the challenges for bees (especially honey bees) as colony collapse disorder was a growing concern and phenomenon.  Recent news items show the problems aren’t reversing but are only getting worse.  This is significantly bad news and the implications could be felt in many ways including on your plate.

Bee populations have been in decline for many years.  Originally it was thought that a number of stress factors were to blame.  Increasingly we are hearing about one class of pesticides called neonicotinoids as the likely culprit pushing global bee populations to the brink.

Within weeks, two mass death events have highlighted the pressing need to address this situation.  In June, tens of thousands of wild bumblebees were found dead in an Oregon parking lot …


Like many natural assets our soils get neglected. Last year brought record levels of  flooding and waterlogging. As a result shortages of oxygen encourage deleterious anaerobic microbes. These microbes solubilise nutrients that are leached from the soil,they form toxic organic compounds and increase acidity.

These damaged soils demand careful husbandry aiming at restoring structure and fertility.

Once the land drains start aeration. Restore fertility with manure, compost and lime if required.

Lawns will need aeration and moss control. Fertiliser should be lower in nitrogen with increases of potassium and phosphorus.

Ticks & Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium present in the digestive system of many animals including mice, hedgehogs, foxes and blackbirds. If a tick bites an animal carrying the bacteria, the tick can become infected and the bacteria can then be transferred as the tick bites its next victim.

The disease is now found across the UK,in city parks and urban gardens as well as rural areas.
There is no need to be afraid of ticks. It’s more a matter of being aware.

Ticks should be removed as quickly as possible but it is essential everyone understands that ticks should never be removed with a cigarette, be squashed or covered in vaseline or citric acid. Such actions can cause the tick to regurgitate its stomach contents into the hosts bloodstream and will make matters worse.

A piece of cotton wound round the tick close …


On our warmer days slugs will be active. So early protection will help.

I my self use fire ash as I have an abundance of the stuff, but be warned only apply around the edges of the beds as direct contact on plant shoots will scorch.

Also ash is alkaline so do not apply to Azalea or other lime intolerant plants. Raking out any old detritus will also help keep the numbers down.  

Misconceptions of grass cutting

Grass cutting depends on climatic conditions.

Do not cut when covered in frost or snow. However if the temperature is above freezing then this is what you need to consider.   Grass should be left longer to protect from heat and cold!

Materials such as leaf fall should be cleared from the lawns as if left will destroy the grass. A high cut is the easiest way to do this.

When the lawn is water logged it may be worth trying out on a test area. If the machine is muddying then you know to stop. With experience you can tell by walking the lawn.

In times of drought, lift cutting  height and stop when the lawn is blond.


Winter is the perfect time to do all those jobs that you were just too busy for.

While the ground is wet move those shrubs that have outgrown their space.

Plan for next summer and the drought to come with rain water harvesting tanks.