Real grass or artificial grass for my business?

Your business space is something that requires care, especially if a big event is approaching. When you know your business is on show to potential clients and maybe investors. A neat, tidy space with delicate décor can certainly help make the right impression, while clutter and a lack of personal touch do not do much to create a nice atmosphere.

We understand that many times it’s difficult to start thinking about how to present your business if you do not have much knowledge on the subject. That is why, through this space on our website, we want to give you some tips, from our many years of experience, which will help you add a unique touch to the space you are trying to improve. If you are interested in these topics, we suggest that you follow us on our social networks (@perfectgardensldn) to see all the tips we share. And if you need an urgent maintenance service for your outdoor space, do not hesitate to send us an email so we can help you make the best first impression for your business.

The most important thing that really helps make that first impression is grass. Whether it be natural or artificial. What is the difference and how do I know which is best for my commercial space?

Natural grass and artificial grass are two very popular ways to decorate both interior and exterior spaces. The first of them is planted and left to grow. While the second, on the other hand, is bought and installed as ceramics are installed on the floors, without much more to wait after that. In terms of their appearance, they are quite similar, but their texture details them: real grass is usually finer and more fragile than synthetic grass, so it is almost impossible to mistake them if you touch them.

Now, the big question is: when to choose real grass and when to choose artificial grass? Or rather, which of the two options is the best in general terms?

Real grass is the most economical option to choose when decorating an outdoor environment with grass. It is usually easy to get and does not cost to grow at first, so it is not a big problem to achieve a satisfactory result when installing it. In addition to this, real grass is friendly to the environment and can bring a natural touch to the most urban corners. There are some details to keep in mind when planting real grass on a property: the neatness of this grass requires maintenance and therefore requires some time.

Artificial grass is the option for those who want to achieve a more superficial decoration and avoid the whole process that involves planting. In addition to this, the installation is usually quick, and the results are instantaneous since you do not have to wait for it to grow. Artificial grass can really elevate your commercial space, it’s extremely easy to maintain and always looks clean and tidy during the winter months especially. (Your grass will always be green!) You might be surprised to know this but if you are a company that thinks about your environmental footprint don’t just immediately write artificial grass off. The main environmental benefit is no chemicals are needed in the upkeep of your grass. To maintain a real lawn, you will need to use a range of chemicals from weedkillers to fertilisers. In addition, you reduce your carbon footprint by not using lawn care equipment.

Artificial grass can show an instantaneous result but, nevertheless, it is not something that benefits the environment and does not add a natural touch as it is not. Something to keep in mind is the impact on the immediate environment surrounding your space. It is known for wildlife and birds to avoid certain areas with lots of artificial grass. The grass can also get extremely hot in summer making it unbearable to walk or sunbathe on in those summer months. We really think that nothing looks better than a well-maintained natural lawn in those summer months.

We always recommend opting for a natural and economical option that helps the environment. If you are interested in how we could elevate your outdoor space to the next level, contact us to find out how we can keep your lawn green all year round!

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