Brown grass at your home or your commercial property can be frustrating.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether the grass is dead. Quite simply dead grass cannot be revived. However, there are several things you can do to make sure your lawn remains green as a football pitch. When the grass is dormant, it is possible to get the lawn green again. The reason grass is sometimes dormant is to protect itself and withstand weather changes.

Now the question you may well be asking is how do I get my lawn green?


As you probably know dry conditions and excessive heat can cause your grass to become dormant, and if you’re not careful dead. Preventative action needs to be taken before this happens.

If you notice your grass going brown, follow a strict watering schedule. Now this can change depending on when the turf is laid. Generally, once a week during the summer months should keep your grass looking green. New turf should be watered twice a day for the first week and then a couple of times a week for a month.

By doing this it can give you a better idea of what is causing your grass to go brown. This should turn your dormant grass green again.

Pull the grass

It’s difficult to tell the difference between dead and dormant grass. But there is a trick. If the grass resists when you pull it, the grass is dormant and alive.

Dead grass cannot be revived so you need to take the correct steps to relay your lawn. We suggest you contact a professional to do this ( to make sure it is relayed correctly and to ensure your lawn doesn’t go brown again.

Brown Patches

Is your entire lawn brown or just patches?

If the entire lawn is brown don’t worry. Watering should fix the problem. But if patches are brown it’s probably dead. Before reseeding it’s important to know if there are pests in the grass. It is always best to work with a professional to establish the reasons why your grass is brown.

Weather Changes

Temperature and the weather obviously affect your grass massively and can cause it to go brown or even die if it is not looked after properly.

As our climate is usually cool all year round, we recommend cool season grass, which has evolved to grow in our climate. This can give your grass the best chance of remaining green all year round, with less maintenance. Be aware it will require more mowing though as it grows all year round.


Fertilization along with mowing can play a huge part in your lawn staying green in the summer months. It gives your lawn the correct nutrients to grow. You must be careful when using fertilizer though as if you do this on a really hot day it can aggravate the grass.



Mowing can actually put stress and strain on your lawn especially if the lawn is not watered regularly.

When mowing you should aim to do it more often and cut less grass length than doing it less often and cutting more. We provide a weekly mowing service as this is the optimal time to let the grass grow between cuts. If you leave it longer it allows the grass to grow more which can put stress on the grass and cause it to go brown.

Hire a professional

The best thing you can do for your lawn, or any outdoor space is to hire a professional to look after your lawn or commercial space. At Perfect Gardens we ensure that your outdoor spaces remain beautiful and green.

If you’d like your lawn to be in ‘tip top’ and perfect condition then, contact us at or give us a call at 020 8531 9223. We have ensured our clients have the perfect lawn or outdoor space for over a century.

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